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DYW Moray seek to engage Employers from across the region so that they can work with our schools and college to provide more opportunities for young people to develop their employability skills.  We would like all of the young people in Moray from the age of 3 - 24 years old, to be developed in preparation for the world of work.

75% of school pupils in Moray believe they will leave the area to find work.

Source: Young Peope in Inner Moray Firth: Attitudes and Aspirations Report, August 2015



Employers can gain a number of benefits from working with DYW Moray.

Gain fresh ideas and new perspectives

Reduce the costs of recruitment

Develop your


Create a pipeline of future employees

Promote your business  and industry

How can employers get involved?

Partner with Schools and Colleges

Partnering with local schools and colleges allows a common understanding to be developed about what skills and experiences young people require to be successful in the world of work.

Offer Work Related Learning Experiences

In order to develop the young people of Moray's employability skills, employers are required to offer work related learning experiences e.g. work experience, career talks and workplace visits.

Run an Innovative Project

A project given to pupils to work on with an employer can significantly develop their employability skills. 

Become an Industry Ambassador

Become an Industry Ambassador

DYW Moray need Industry Ambassadors to connect with the local schools to be a point of contact for their Industry to offer support and guidance to those within Education.

Recruit an Apprentice

Recruit an Apprentice

DYW Moray and partners aim to increase the number of employers recruiting apprentices.  Employers who decide to go down this route can reduce their recruitment costs, plug skills gaps and increase productivity. 


Modern Apprenticeships     

Foundation Apprenticeships     

Graduate Apprenticeships     

Other Initiatives

Career Ready

Career Ready is a UK wide charity linking employers with schools and colleges to open up the world of work to young people.

STEM Ambassador Programme

The STEM Ambassador Programme is a nationwide scheme dedicated to getting more young people interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) subjects leading to an increase in young people pursuing STEM careers.


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