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To be able to succeed in developing Moray's future work force.  We need businesses to partner with local schools and colleges in Moray to improve employability skills.

Bringing Business and Education together to engage, inspire, and shape Moray's young workforce.


Parents are key for DYW Moray as they have a crucial part to play in influencing their young people.  We need parents to understand that education is evolving and employability skills are key.


Young People from the age of 3 to 24 need to be given more opportunities to develop their employability skills.  DYW Moray and partners need to work together to make this happen.


For businesses to be able to assist Education in better preparing young people for the world of work, through influencing the curriculum we need Education to be on board.

Hazel Fraser

The Training Folk Ltd

"DYW Moray is a great chance for employers to get involved in promoting their business and just as importantly, Moray. 


So many of our younger people leave the area with the impression that there are no opportunities for them here in Moray.

We as employers, can change this by just spending a bit of time speaking to them and getting involved with some simple activities to help change this perception. Employers can also benefit from networking with their peers."

David Adams



“I have thoroughly enjoyed my involvement with DYW and can safely say that the interaction I and my fellow solicitors have had with the school pupils at both careers events and in the classroom has been very rewarding. The links between even primary school children and employers are very valuable and provide a bridge between education and the workplace which barely existed in the past.


I would recommend the experience to any employer to get into the schools and share their knowledge with the pupils. I am constantly surprised by how much the children know about certain types of jobs and this service can only improve that knowledge.”

John Cairns

Balfour Beatt

The DYW Moray team have greatly helped Balfour Beatty to work with schools and colleges in the Moray area. By taking this collaborative approach we have been able to engage even more young people at both individual schools events and regional events with our core community programme.

On a personal level, I have been impressed by the range of opportunities which are available for young people but also for industry partners in Moray. I really can’t recommend the DYW team and their programme highly enough and I would urge all employers to do what Balfour Beatty has done and utilise your local DYW team.”

Building dialogue between Education & Industry 

Focused on the Young People in Moray

Promote businesses who support DYW

Issue Guidance and Direction

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a: Moray College UHI  

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