Self Employed Gary Murison shares how his business has benefited from engaging with DYW Moray...

June 28, 2019


"My first awareness of DYW Moray came at a chance meeting with Sarah Baxter.  She explained about the work, aims and philosophy of DYW Moray, which I found very inspiring and interesting.


From this meeting we came together and devised a photography project for young people, which ran over several months.  The dedication, enthusiasm, motivation and hard work exhibited by the young people far exceeded my expectations and it was extremely rewarding to be part of their journey and learning experience.


I have continued my involvement with DYW Moray, and in particular by supporting Career’s Awareness sessions at primary and secondary schools and a Teachers’ In-Service day.  I found that people are often unaware of what is involved with many jobs or running a business, or they may have inaccurate views of what the job entails.  Being involved with DYW Moray has provided me with the opportunity to pass on information about my work, which I hope will empower young people to make a more informed choice about their future career.


In addition to the benefits of passing on information and skills to young people (and older!), being involved with DYW Moray has also offered great personal benefit to my business via the networking opportunities, increased awareness of what I do, and making excellent contacts that may require my services in the future, or vice versa.  People can only make informed choices if they have accurate information about those choices.  Being able to speak directly to young people promotes and ensures validity in that information as I can pass on my actual experiences and knowledge of running a photography and training business in Moray and answer questions directly and verbatim based on that knowledge and experience.”


If you would like to find out more about how you can get involved with DYW Moray and engage with the schools and Moray College UHI, please email Aimee at

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