Why Should Employers Engage With DYW Moray?

May 31, 2019

Hazel Fraser, Director of The Training Folk has engaged with Developing the Young Workforce in Moray for a long period of time.  She has been involved in delivering class talks, workshops, career fairs and was also a mentor to a Moray young person as part of the Career Ready programme.  She said, 


"DYW Moray is a great chance for employers to get involved in promoting their business and just as importantly, Moray.  So many of our younger people leave the area with the impression that there are no opportunities for them here in Moray.​


We as employers, can change this by just spending a bit of time speaking to them and getting involved with some simple activities to help change this perception. Employers can also benefit from networking with their peers."


So what are the benefits to you or employers by getting involved in DYW Moray?


By getting involved with young people at an earlier age you can create a pipeline of future employees.  You are contributing to creating a more robust workforce for the future and you are reducing the costs of recruiting if you source who is right for your business at an earlier stage.  Also, you are helping young people recognise what's on their doorstep in Moray and hopefully retaining them here as a result.  You are raising awareness on what your business does and finally, by having more young people coming into your business you are gaining fresh ideas and new perspectives.


It's not just large organisations that we engage with. We also encourage small and medium enterprises and those who are self-employed to engage with Moray young people in Education, as they can get a great return and reap these long term benefits.  The younger we positively influence young people about what Moray has to offer them the more impact it will have on our local economy.  


If you would like to find out more about how you can get involved with DYW Moray please email Aimee at aimee@dywmoray.co.uk.




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