Cameron Grant - Sales Operations at Walkers Shortbread

March 13, 2019

1. Name and position title: 


Cameron Grant / Sales Operations


2. How would you explain your job to people not from your industry?


I am responsible helping the National Account Manager for looking after the Marks & Spencers Account, I am responsible for dealing with the admin side of the account. I also deal with the orders that they place every week.


3. What makes it exciting working in your industry overall?


The most exciting thing about working in my industry is seeing how the sales differ on each product week on week.  Being able to see the areas where your products sell well and the areas that they don’t.


4. What do you enjoy most about your role? 


I really enjoy working as part of a team, it makes it much easier to solve problems, working together means the work can be done quicker.


5. How do you think other people see your strengths and your contribution at work overall? What qualities might you be known for?


I would say my ability to communicate with my colleagues, I’m good at passing on important information that my colleagues need to know.


6. What outside interests might you have? 


I have been playing football from a very young age and try to play as many times a week as possible.  I also like to play badminton at the weekends.


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