Modern Apprentice - Jodie Stevenson from Johnston Carmichael

March 5, 2019


What type of Apprenticeship did you/are you doing? (Foundation, Modern or Graduate)


Apprenticeship Type: Modern

Subject: Accountancy


Which employer did you do/are you doing an Apprenticeship with?


I started my 6 year apprenticeship with Johnston Carmichael (the Elgin branch) in 2016 when I was newly 17 years old.


What did you want to do when you were in Secondary School as a career?


I wanted to be an accountant but I was put off going down that career path at the thought of university as I thought that was the only route into the profession. Once I realised apprenticeships like mine were on offer I jumped at the chance.


What subjects did you enjoy in Secondary School/College?


I enjoyed any subject that linked in to problem solving activities. This is something I still enjoy doing in my day to day workload. I feel a lot of satisfaction working with the client’s records I receive and reconciling any differences from large figures to nothing.


Why did you decide to do an Apprenticeship?


University did not appeal to me, I learn better when I am hands on. I can qualify quicker than peers going to university/college whilst also building up experience and knowledge at the same time. I will already have built up contacts and a career for myself at such an early age when I qualify. Being paid whilst you study is also a very big advantage, especially when you are so young and need to save for a car etc.


What did/do you enjoy most about your Apprenticeship?


I enjoy the day to day hands on the experience the most, it is so valuable to me strengthening my career. This would not have been available to me if I had went on to do further education. The support from colleagues is also brilliant, throughout working and studying the encouragement and help I receive has been so important to my development.


Were there any entry requirements for your Apprenticeship?


Alongside being a committed and hard working individual, grades equivalent to entry requirements for university/college were also required.


What advice would you give to anyone else considering an Apprenticeship?


To really take in the experience and advice that people are sharing with you. It is so valuable to gain such a large amount of knowledge to kickstart your new career to the best of it’s ability.

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