Emily Michie Business Administration Modern Apprentice

March 5, 2019


What type of Apprenticeship did you/are you doing? (Foundation, Modern or Graduate)


Apprenticeship Type: Modern Apprenticeship

Subject: SVQ4 in Business Administration (SCQF8)


Which employer did you do/are you doing an Apprenticeship with?


I am employed with The Moray Council for a two year apprentice post. I discussed with my manager the possibility of doing a level 8 apprenticeship course as this would be the next step from my HNC Business Course I completed in 2017. I am completing the apprenticeship with The Virtual Learning Academy.


What did you want to do when you were in Secondary School as a career?


I wanted to be a teacher or a nursery practitioner but due to medical issues this was not going to work as a long term career path. I studied Business HNC in college which made me want to develop my skills more and work within a busy office environment.


What subjects did you enjoy in Secondary School/College?


I really enjoyed English when I was in secondary school and within my Business course I enjoyed learning about the business environment and managing people and organisations. It gave me a broad spectrum of skills to take into the world of work and the knowledge of current legislation and procedures.


Why did you decide to do an Apprenticeship?


I wanted to continue my learning and complete the next level of my qualification but I found the college environment tough to keep concentrated. It was greatly knowledge based learning and there weren’t many real life examples the lecturers could provide. I found this difficult to understand sometimes. When I started the apprenticeship with The Virtual Learning Academy I had meetings with the lecturers who travelled to my workplace to discuss the course and the way it would all work.


I choose a module and complete it at my own pace using examples from my working environment. I usually take 4-6 weeks to complete a module depending on the complexity. My lecturer Mhairi spends the time when we meet to explain the module I’m working on and make sure I know what I’m doing and if I require any evidence she usually knows what I can use.


What did/do you enjoy most about your Apprenticeship?


The amount of support I receive from my lecturer and manager is brilliant. They both give me information which I can use within the module and give me any feedback to improve anything. I find on the job learning a great advantage to me as I don’t feel like a student. I take two hours a week out of my work time to complete course work and a few hours in the evening every so often. This gives me the chance to be completely focused on the course work with no distractions.


It’s very relaxed and there is no pressure to meet strict deadlines. It works at a pace I am comfortable with and I don’t feel rushed. The bonus of it being a virtual course means I don’t have to sit in a classroom and try to keep focused. Mhairi is always quick to respond to any queries I have either by email or call.


Were there any entry requirements for your Apprenticeship?

  • National 5 English and Maths or the equivalent

  • Business at National 5 or the equivalent

I had Higher English, equivalent to National 5 Maths and a HNC in Business when I applied.


What advice would you give to anyone else considering an Apprenticeship?


Just go for it! It’s the best chance to gain a qualification and valuable on the job skills. It gives you an advantage over other applicants when applying for jobs in the future as you have gained valuable knowledge and skills while working and have a qualification. It’s good for those who don’t enjoy classroom based learning all the time and it gives you a taste of the world of work.


There are many different types of apprenticeship available to young people so explore all of your options to find the best fit for you. This job works around my disability and gives me the opportunity to work in a busy office environment with different tasks every day.

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