Diane Charlesworth – Breaking the Glass Ceiling

February 12, 2019

Diane Charlesworth, Director at Pinefield Glass, has been with the organisation since she was 17 years old and has since, pushed through the ‘glass ceiling’ by making her way to the top.


At a young age, Diane always knew that university wasn’t for her.  She always wanted to pursue a career in an admin office as a result of enjoying Admin/ICT subjects in school - she recognised it was the perfect career for her.  Diane’s work experience at school was at a Hairdressers and it was something else she was quite passionate about at the time.  Diane said,


“If anything, the work experience helped me make the choice that this career wasn’t right for me rather than going down that career path after leaving school.  However, work experience is a great chance for young people to see what the working environment is like.”



So, after completing secondary school at Speyside High School, a friend of Diane’s mentioned that there was an Admin Assistant position available at her place of work.  As she was passionate about Administration, Diane applied and after performing well in her interview Diane was offered the job. 


After being in the Admin Assistant role for 5/6 years, Diane was promoted to Admin Supervisor with more responsibility and then later promoted to Admin Manager.  Diane said,


“My favourite thing about my job is the satisfaction when things work out!  I constantly have to prioritise issues and assist with on going projects in the office and out with it, so I love to see tasks drawing to completion.  It’s also a really nice feeling when I receive compliments from our customers as I love interacting with people on a daily basis.”


In October 2018, Diane received her most recent promotion to become one of the company’s Directors.  Diane said,


“I felt very proud to have achieved the Director position as I have secured a future for myself and my family.  When I first started working at the age of 17, working my way up in an organisation wasn’t really something I’d thought about.  When I realised there was room within the company for me to take my career further, I was driven to see where it could take me.”


Pinefield Glass always promote within and there are always opportunities for others to work their way up within the company.  The local company prides itself on handing opportunities to those within it.  Diane advised,


“If there is something you are interested in doing or pursing for a career then do not be afraid to purse it.  Do what makes you happy and then you are more likely to succeed and stick with it."

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