Work Experience Opportunities in Moray

January 16, 2019

DYW Moray which encourages collaboration between young people, educators and employers has launched a social media campaign to raise awareness of the many work experience placements on offer in Moray for S4-S6 pupils.


DYW Moray, in support of the Moray Council Education Department (which leads on the offer of work experience) is running a social media campaign to encourage students to see the advantage of work experience.  


Sarah Baxter, the service manager for DYW Moray whose remit is to get schools, young people and employers working together said she was keen that young people and their parents were made aware of the opportunities available.


“There are many opportunities for placements in a wide range of sectors across Moray, but it’s unclear whether students and their families know about them. We cannot stress enough how valuable work experience can be for a young person who is progressing through school. Further education providers and employers do not just take in to account exam results, they also look at what extra a young person has done to make them work ready and having a work experience placement on your CV can really help.”


Sarah who became the manager of DYW Moray in May 2018 wishes that young people also recognise that any work experience is going to be a plus, even if it’s carried out in an industry which is not on the young person’s career path.


“Schools will always aim to place young people in a field that interests them. However, any type of work experience is going to benefit a young person, even if it’s in an industry that differs from what they plan to end up in. So many skills that a young person will gain from a week or two-week placement will be transferable. We just want to see more people experiencing real life work.”



Aiden Thomson, a 17-year-old pupils from Lossiemouth High School has been doing work experience at Burghead Primary School. 


He said:


“Having volunteered as a football coach for my local primary school for the past four years I have gained experience in planning training sessions to enhance pupils' individual skills and pass on my knowledge of the sport. These experiences led me to seek work experience at my local primary school. My placement has heightened my interest in being employed in this area in the future.”

He added: “Watching individual teachers particularly interested me as I could see different ways of approaching situations.  The Pie Corbett technique was one that I found particularly interesting. I was fascinated when I witnessed it in action when an autistic child was able to interact and tell a story using this method. I was then able to successfully use this teaching method to explain different skills at football training. I spend a lot of my time at the primary school working with children with challenging behaviour. I have had to think creatively, seek advice and build relationships with the children to succeed with my task. Although this was hard work it was also very rewarding.”


Business owner Claire Doughty, who runs her own public relations company in Forres said she knows first hand how important work experience is.


“I had applied to university to do a BA (hons) in Journalism. However, I didn’t do so well in my exams and based on my grades alone, I would not have qualified for the course. However, the university still accepted me as they took into account the fact I had done lots of work experience at my local paper. I dare say had I not had that under my belt, I may not have got into the course.”


DYW Moray has now launched a social media campaign to make young people, educators and parents more aware of the wealth of work experience opportunities that are available.



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