Sandy Young Human Resources @ Baxters

January 11, 2019

I visited Baxter’s in Fochabers, which is a family-run business of four generations.  Currently celebrating it’s 150th year, Baxter’s is a unique business that provides classic flavours through their jams, soups and gins.


After arriving at Baxter’s, I was greeted by Sandy Young, who recently moved into HR department there after working in the supply chain for over three years.  Since moving into his new job at Baxter’s, Sandy has developed his platform which has allowed him to do other aspects of different jobs.  Sandy has also developed a natural progression that helped him go into his new job by getting involved with DYW and Career Ready as it allowed him to engage with the local community and the young people.  


Already in the build-up to Christmas, Sandy has tackled seasonal work and experienced many learning curves while taking on more roles including scheduling and programming.  In the interview Sandy stated: “There is an opportunity to take you to whichever level you are comfortable in and whichever level you want to be in, as long as you’ve got that grit, that drive and that determination, and a real willingness to learn.”


Sandy explained that one of the most enjoyable aspects of working at Baxter’s is engaging with the local community, especially the young people.  I believe that this helps determine what the local young people like and expect from businesses such as Baxter’s, as it allows them to discover fresh voices and it tests how they can meet their needs.  In the interview Sandy said: “It is the engagement with the local community in the hope to build on that more as time goes on.”


Baxter’s has defiantly grown over the four generations, as the products have transformed since 1868 into newer flavours to suit different palettes.  Even though the products have changed, there is still a fresh element in them that confirms that Baxter’s still holds part of the business’s history in their newer ranges.  


During my visit I discovered that Baxter’s is developing their flavours to meet what the new generations would like which guarantees that even though the business is trying to keep up with modern trends, they still suggest the business’s heritage in their products.  Sandy stated: “What we set ourselves above is the taste and the quality that we produce.”


While visiting Baxter’s, I definitely sensed a family atmosphere as I was told that other families work for this family-run business.  This caught my attention as the idea of having so many families in an environment that revolves around family and togetherness was outstanding, and it conveyed that the business respected many family values which was confirmed during the interview with Sandy: “It’s got a real family atmosphere and I think that’s driven from that four-generation idea.”


My visit to Baxter’s was highly enjoyable as I was welcomed by the friendliest staff who taught me more about the history of the business.  The most interesting part of my visit was discovering that the original Baxter’s family house isn’t far from the business and is now used as a workplace.  I highly recommend visiting Baxter’s as it’s a place that displays heritage and enjoyment through a variety of areas such as the restaurant, playground and stores.


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