Linzi Lou Photography

January 11, 2019

For my work place I went to Linzi Lou Photography.  Who is based in an industrial area in Keith. 


When I went there, I spoke to Lynsey who is self-employed who specialises in new born and family photography.  “I really enjoy new born photography as it is changing all the time, with the different training you can get for it and the trends - it is so exciting.”


Lynsey uses natural light when taking photographs of new born children or family photography.  “When I am working, I have a set routine which I follow each time, I start by photographing children wrapped in blankets, then I move on to the bed to capture still life photographs and finally I take photographs of the children in baskets.”


When I asked her about how she got into photography she said, “I have always been interested in photography.  When I was younger my dad was also in to photography, so I was brought up smiling a lot for pictures.  When my oldest was born we moved from Aberdeen to Keith and one time the baby was in bed and I had nothing to do as my partner was offshore.  So, I went online and did some courses in photography and it sort of took off from there.  I really enjoyed it and it was something I could do which would fit around the kids.”


I also asked her if she would recommend the photography industry for others.  Her response was, “yes I would, take my business for example you can shape it and mould it in to what you want it to be.  It can be a lot of hard work and times and it can make you feel isolated.  However, if you are really passionate about photography then yes, I would most definitely recommend it to you.  When I come in to work it doesn’t feel like work as I’m doing something which I love.”


I found this experience really enjoyable getting to know more about her business and more about new born and family photography.  I thoroughly enjoyed taking pictures of her son Sonny crawling around her studio and also taking pictures of both Sonny and Lynsey and capturing different facial expressions on them.

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