Hazel Fraser - Regional Commercial Manager at Breedon Group plc

October 31, 2018


1. Name and position title


Hazel Fraser – Regional Commercial Manager (Contracting)


2. How would you explain your job to people not from your industry? And how does it fit within Breedon’s bigger picture?


My key role is to win work for the contracting team.  This is done by submitting tenders to various customers from Local Councils to private house building companies.  The contracting team lay asphalt to roadways and foot ways.  It is my job to work out how much this costs and provide the customer with the best price along with a quality job.  Breedon is a large national company and we often tender for large contracts.  An example being the road surfacing of the A9 Dualling.  When these contracts come out for pricing, I have huge involvement in the pricing of these tenders which has me working with people from various departments within Breedon.


3. What makes it exciting working in your industry overall?


The varied work load. It is an exciting time within road building at the moment particularly in Scotland.  We have just seen the AWPR completed in Aberdeen.  We have already surfaced a section of the new A9 Dualling.  The rest of the A9 is to be dualled over the next couple of years with us already having secured the surfacing element on the next section.  The A96 is also to be dualled.


4. What do you enjoy most about your role? 


No day is the same.  When I am not compiling tenders, I am out promoting Breedon to customers.  I get involved in the accounts, forecasting budgets, training and am lucky enough to be able to spend some of my time as a Stem Ambassador a Career Ready Mentor and be part of DYW.


5. How do you think other people see your strengths and your contribution at work overall?


What qualities might you be known for?  I would say people within my organisation know that if they ask me to do something, it will get done.  I pride myself on meeting deadlines and helping other team members when I can.  I have a great relationship with our customer base which I have built up over the last 19 years.  My colleagues would say I have a great reputation within the industry.


6. What's a big challenge for you right now, or perhaps one for your industry?


My big challenge right now is to train my Apprentice.  It is easy to forget what it was like when I first started out and how so many things have changed.  How people learn is different and I am trying to understand this better for both my own development and that of my apprentice.


A big challenge for our industry is to get young people interested in Construction.  For Breedon, this is a massive task but a hugely important one.  The average age of our workforce is the mid-fifties.  We need to reduce this dramatically by getting young people on board.  The challenge is making construction and other STEM subjects exciting.


7. What outside interests might you have? 


I like to salvage hunt.  I like transforming junk into something that can be reused.  I enjoy gardening.  Its sounds like an old person hobby but it is so satisfying to grow your own vegetables and fruit.  I also like researching my family tree, which I find so interesting.


Of course, I am not averse to going out with my pals for a few drinks and a bit of dancing.  I travel a lot with my husband and we have been to some amazing places like Hawaii and Bali.


8. How would you describe yourself in three words?


Expect the Unexpected. 

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