Rebecca Main – Administration and Marketing Modern Apprentice at Dogrobes

August 23, 2018

Many people still believe that apprenticeships are only available for young people who wish to become a joiner, electrician, builder, or plumber.  However, this is certainly not the case!  Every year in Moray there are hundreds of different apprenticeship opportunities across different industries available for young people.


20-year-old Rebecca Main was given a fantastic opportunity at Dogrobes in Keith, Moray to complete a Modern Apprentice in Administration and Marketing.  


In Secondary School Rebecca wanted to be a Nurse, however, she soon discovered it was not the career she wished to peruse, due to not favouring her Higher Human Biology subject.  However, Rebecca really enjoyed her Administration and Business Management courses and soon realised that this was a career path she wanted to follow.


Although Rebecca applied for 5 business-related courses at universities across Scotland, she turned down her offers as she was unsure on what business-related route she wanted to pursue.  


In 2015, after leaving school in S6, Rebecca went to North East Scotland College in Fraserburgh to do a HND in Business.  Whilst she was getting near the end of her college course she decided to apply for the job at Dogrobes as a full-time Admin Assistant in March 2017 - as she was aware there could be a lot of competition once college ended in summer.  Rebecca successfully received the job and was able to work part time at Dogrobes until she finished her course.  Upon finishing her HND in Business, Rebecca was offered a full-time job at Dogrobes in July 2017.


Rebecca Said,


“I applied for the job at Dogrobes as the business idea sounded very exciting and so interesting, especially since it was focused on dogs!  The job description was what I saw myself enjoying and I liked the idea of working for a small business as I knew I could grow as a person as the business grew.”


When Rebecca started her job, she discussed with her Manager the options of undertaking a Digital Marketing Modern Apprenticeship or a Business and Administration Modern Apprenticeship.  For Rebecca, the Digital Marketing Modern Apprenticeship was the most beneficial course to do as she already had the advanced knowledge about Business and Administration from completing her HND. 


Rebecca just successfully completed her Modern Apprenticeship in July 2018 which has helped her greatly in her role at Dogrobes and advised to other young people…


 “Don’t be pressured into going to university as there are so many other local opportunities to consider.  University isn’t for everyone and that’s ok because you can still be as successful if you decide not to go with no student debt!  I would recommend doing an apprenticeship as it’s an opportunity to learn and earn at the same time.  I have gained so many new skills and qualities through doing an apprenticeship and wouldn’t have them if I didn’t have this experience.  Dogrobes has gave me an insight into what route I want to take in my career, and I love going to my work as every day is different.”


This is a prime example that a Modern Apprenticeship is a great way to kickstart your career.  University is still a great route and sometimes the only option for some specific careers, however, there are so many other routes in to employment and DYW Moray would like to urge young people across the region to consider each of them to see what fits best.  Earning and learning at the same time certainly works for Rebecca and it could be what works for you too.


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