Peter Fraser, a fantastic example of a local pupil chasing his Career Aspirations

July 18, 2018

From 7 years old, Peter Fraser was watching DVDs about behind the scenes of films and knew at a young age that he wanted to pursue a career in the Media and Film Industry.  Now at 17, Peter is currently studying his Higher Qualifications at Speyside High School – as well as being involved in various local Digital Media projects.


Last year, Peter was introduced to Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) Moray by his art teacher. She encouraged him to get involved in helping make a series of promotional videos for DYW Moray.  These videos highlighted various sectors, organisations, and roles to encourage talent retention in Moray. They were also to showcase the many job opportunities in Moray with various routes/paths in order to reach full potential.  Peter jumped at this opportunity due to being passionate about film.


Peter and two other pupils from Speyside High School made up the team and started to create a film story board, write a draft proposal, and pitch their idea along with the businesses they wanted to film. Their pitch was delivered to DYW Moray and Northport Studio who were going to be supporting the pupils throughout the project. 


Working alongside Peter’s team, there were six groups from different Secondary Schools in total who accepted the opportunity to work on the project with Northport. They began by participating in two practical workshops which introduced them to the film industry and the film making process.  Once confident, location shoots alongside the Northport team, introduced them to a variety of businesses from across Moray interviewing them on their jobs roles.  Peter and his team had the opportunity to film at Forsyths in Rothes which became his personal highlight.


Peter said,


“I really enjoyed taking part in this project as it was incredibly interesting working with a professional film production company alongside pupils from other schools.  It was great learning all the different skills and gaining the hand on experience. 


It was such a great opportunity going to visit local businesses and getting to see the way they work.  This was an exciting, enjoyable and engaging project and I was so happy to be involved in something I really enjoy doing.”


The Speyside High team won the DYW Moray award for the greatest contribution to the project which was due recognition for their effort.


In October 2017, Peter went on a residential course with the British Film Industry (BFI) in Drumnadrochit for over a week. During this he had the opportunity to create a short film “Ghost” with other young people from the Highlands and Islands in which he took up the roles of the co-writer and audio engineer.  “Ghost” was then sent to the Edinburgh Film Festival, where it won an award for the outstanding work presented by Peter and his group.


Keen to further develop his skills, Peter found out about another Digital Media course at Eden Court Theatre in Inverness from November 2017 to April 2018, every Saturday.  During this course he created a short film called “Hag” himself from start to finish – by writing scripts and creating story boards.  The film can be found here:


By chasing all these opportunities to allow him to gain hands on experience in film, Peter has been able to confirm that Digital Media is the career he wishes to pursue.


Peter added,


“It was great to learn all the skills and mechanics to produce a film.  These were fantastic opportunities to create friendships whilst doing something I love.  It was so satisfying seeing the films complete - knowing you created it from the ground up.”


DYW Moray encourages young people to take up any opportunity that comes their way as it will open doors and make you more employable in the long run.

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