Graeme Morrison - Climbing The Food Chain

July 11, 2018

Another brilliant success story - Graeme Morrison, born and raised in Keith, Moray has had a great journey in the world of work - working ‘his way up the career ladder’ in one of Morays world renowned businesses.  


After secondary education at Keith Grammar School, Graeme left, still unsure as to what career he wanted to pursue.  From some gentle encouragement from his father, he decided to do an apprenticeship in Joinery however, Graeme felt this wasn’t the career for him thus, left after 4 weeks. Graeme then applied for a seasonal factory job at Baxters during the Summer of 1996 and has progressed ever since.


After working on the production line in the factory for 6 months - an internal vacancy of an Office Junior in the Production Planning Department became available.  Graeme applied and was successful. Within a few years he was promoted to a Supervisor position and then on to a Management position at the young age of 25.  To broaden his knowledge, his Manager thought it would be a great opportunity for Graeme to do a 2-year Post-Graduate course at Robert Gordon University (RGU) studying Purchasing and Supply Chain Management.  Graeme attended RGU every Tuesday afternoon to study attending work in the morning and during the rest of the working week.


He said,


“This was very useful as it gave me theory to my job as well, so I could apply it to my practical work.”


In 2010, he decided to leave Baxters to become a Planning Manager at Johnstons of Elgin, due to wanting to experience something different and felt as that it was the right time in his career for a change.  After 4 years working for a “great company, people and products,” he then decided to return to Baxters.  His previous Manager at Baxters asked if he would be interested in coming back as Head of Supply Chain - having responsibility for demand management, customer service, purchasing and logistics.


In 2016, Baxters had a restructure, resulting in the Fochabers Site Director position becoming available, which Graeme applied for and was successful.  He stated that his first year was “a steep learning curve” - however it was the right role for him.


In late 2017 – March 2018, Graeme received a fantastic opportunity to work in the Baxter’s factory in Melbourne, Australia as Managing Director.


He said,


“This was a great opportunity and gave me the chance to experience a different culture/way of life.  I never expected to have the chance to travel with my job.”


When returning to the Fochabers site, he took up his original role but soon after was further promoted to be the European Supply Chain & Fochabers Site Director and has been in that role ever since.


Graeme says,


“It’s not the type of career I thought I’d go after, but I am so glad I did as I never envisioned I’d received so many amazing experiences and opportunities.  I was never a keen studier, so I always knew I wanted to get a job, and I was aware there were great opportunities in Moray.  There are lots of great business on our door step - offering great opportunities for people of all ages - proving you can stay local and get an excellent career.  There is never a dull day where I work as every day is completely different.  I have experienced many different types of roles within Baxters which shows that lots of opportunities do exist locally!”


From Graeme working his way from the bottom to the top in Baxters, proves that there are opportunities for young people to progress in the area.  Graeme even got a once in a life time opportunity to work abroad in Australia for 6 months, still returning to Moray.

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