Land Based Sector Day – Dipple Farm

June 29, 2018

On 27th June, Morays S3 – S6 pupils from a variety of Secondary Schools had the fantastic opportunity to attend the Land Based Sector day based at Dipple Farm.  All the pupils came together to undertake a range of interesting hands on workshops lead by many local employers such as: James Jones Limited, the Spey Fishery Board, Pitgaveny Farm, the Moray Council, Norvite and many more…


In the morning the pupils got to listen to several talks /demonstrations by each of the employers represented which allowed them to see the vast range of opportunities available to them in the Sector.  In the afternoon, the pupils then got to participate in three workshops of their choice which encompassed fun and exciting activities which represented what occurs in the world of work within the Land Based Sector. 




Some of the workshops included a trip down to Dipple Burn to identify the species that lived there, an opportunity to use some of the James Jones machinery, an insight into fishery management, experience in a Tractor and so much more.


This was a brilliant day out - the pupils were incredibly engaged and really enjoyed it especially with the superb weather!  We hope that the day allowed the young people to get a greater understanding of the careers they may wish to pursue when they leave Education.


We also cannot thank the employers that helped pull this day together.  It was organised by the Land Based Sector Group which has been formed as part of the Moray Skills Pathway initiative.  The Moray Skills Pathway which is greatly supported by DYW Moray was launched in 2017 by the Moray Council Education Department and other partners to get local employers and educationalists to meet, in aiming to ensure Moray’s young people get at least 4 exposures to each of the 8 key Growth Sectors in Moray before the time they make their subject choices in 3rd Year of Secondary School for their 4th Year. 


The eight key growth Sectors include: Early Learning and Childcare; Health and Social Care; Construction; Engineering; Food, Drink & Tourism; IT & Creative Industries; Business/ Professional Services and the Land based Sector.


The remaining seven Sector Days are planned for the next Academic Year which we hope to see many more young people engage with the world of work in a fun, exciting and interactive way to better prepare them for what their future could hold.



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