A Local Success - Scott Dunbar!

June 20, 2018

Scott Dunbar 34, who was born and raised in Elgin, Moray has had many professional achievements since going directly into employment in Moray after leaving school. Scott completed secondary education at Elgin High School and had planned to be an electrician. However, with some encouragement from his mum to pursue a career in finance as he was good with numbers, Scott wrote to all the local banks and accountancy businesses asking for a training position.


Scott managed to obtain a trainee position with a local Accountancy firm which gave him the opportunity to undergo his CA qualification (Charter Accountant qualification) whilst gaining experience on the job at the same time.


At school Scott had no idea that it was possible to gain this qualification without attending university but having been fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to obtain the accredited professional qualification as well as gaining invaluable experience at the same time, he would highly recommend this route to people considering a career in this sector.


7 years after joining the local Accountancy firm, Scott was offered a job at Johnston Carmichael as a Qualified Assistant to the Finance Director.  Scott undertook this role for 3 years before being promoted to Financial Controller for Johnston Carmichael and then transferred back to client work in 2014.  


Johnston Carmichael (JC) is Scotland's largest independent firm of Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers. JC has a trainee scheme aim at individuals not following a university graduate route titled JC Futures. If you’re a school leaver, looking for a summer internship, maybe a recent graduate or want a career change, Johnston Carmichael can provide the platform to help you build a rewarding career in accountancy.


Scott was promoted to Business Advisory Director in 2016 and on 1st June 2018 has been promoted to be a Business Advisory Partner. This is a fantastic achievement for a “local loon” and demonstrates that there are opportunities within large businesses locally and that you can have a strong and rewarding career in Moray without having to undertake further education at University.  


Scott has said,


“Starting my career straight from school allowed me to build a good level of practical experience at a   relatively young age which gave me a strong base on which to progress my career over the years.  Obtaining a professional qualification whilst working also provided many opportunities and opens many doors allowing you to steer your career in a direction that suits you best. 


All my opportunities, qualifications and experience was provided to me right here on our door step in Moray and I believe there continue to be many opportunities out there for the next generation leaving school, not least at Johnston Carmichael.


The three pieces of advice that I would give to young people in Moray are to consider your strengths and interests, seek or create opportunities that play to those as they will tend to be what you will thrive at and don’t be shy!”.


DYW Moray hope that this fantastic example of what can be achieved in Moray will inspire lots more young people to consider the opportunities that Moray has to offer.



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