Moray Organisations Deliver Career Talks to Skillforce S4 Pupils

March 1, 2018

Alan Towns and Jazmin Kellas from AJ Engineering with the S4 Pupils 


Over the last week, representatives from AJ Engineering and Earthtime's Outdoor Nursery have given up their time to share their passions and knowledge to S4 pupils in Moray.


Michelle Good, Area Manager for Skillforce contacted DYW Moray requesting if local employers would come and deliver a Career Talk to her classes of S4 Pupils at the Moray College and Forres Academy.


The class gained first-hand knowledge from these local companies about opportunities and routes into employment, through apprenticeships, vocational training and volunteering, and this was just the tip of the iceberg.  


Through their presentation and discussion with members of the group, the class gained a real understanding of what employers are looking for in Employee’s.  Despite them focusing on engineering and outdoor childcare, the students gained insight to employability, that transfers across all industries.  


This face to face opportunity confirmed what they are being taught through their course with Skillforce, and highlighted what skills and qualities are being sought by employers and they can use this valuable information to make the right choices, prepare their CV’s and start their journey into the World of Work.  


The groups were encouraged to be themselves, build their skills and qualities by seeking opportunities to volunteer, seek part-time employment and participate in hobbies to increase their chances of standing out above their peers.


Laura Russel from Earthtime's 

Outdoor Nursery with S4 Pupils


Michelle Good, Area Manager for Skillforce advised,


"As a result of this collaboration, one student is seeking an opportunity to do some work experience for a week in the holidays and 3 others have given their names and expressed interest in further communication. The future is exciting and there is potential in each and every one of them…….. but it requires action.  


I would like to thank Alan and Jazmin from AJ Engineering and Laura from EarthTime for coming to Forres Academy and Moray College with our SkillForce groups to support them as they prepare themselves for their transition into work.  


I would also like to thank Sarah Baxter for Developing the Young WorkForce for her efforts to forge partnerships with the young people and  local employers to give people the opportunity to grow and develop into being the best they can be."




Next week, representatives from Springfield Properties and CITB will also be delivering class talks to these pupils. 


Sarah Baxter, DYW Moray Manager said, 


"It was brilliant to get such a great response from employers who were contacted to deliver the Career Talks based on the pupil's interests.  Its a great opportunity for young people to ask what local employers expect them to come equipped with, when entering their workplace whether that be certain skills, knowledge and/or the right attitude. 


We hope more employers continue to engage with our young people in Moray better preparing them for the world of work."


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