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June 21, 2017








As the result of a young person approaching DYW Moray with a CV for the Police Force in Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2017, DYW Moray recently organised two Police Scotland Information Evenings at the Elgin Police Station.  


Pupils and students from all of the Secondary schools and College in Moray were invited to come along and have a discussion with Sergeant Gavin Farquhar who is involved in the recruitment and training of Police Officers in the area.  


Following discussions with Sergeant Farquhar to establish what the Police Force were looking for from potential applicants, DYW Moray organised two dates in June during the evening that pupils were invited to attend.  The events were aimed at those aged 15 years and over, who were considering a career in the Police Force.  


It was set to be an informal evening lasting up to two hours, but due to significant interest from the pupils who attended, both evenings lasted three hours long which was great news for DYW Moray. Discussions were had and advice was given regarding completing applications, interview preparation, fitness, medical assessments and the role of a Constable throughout the evening with good positive interaction.


The Special Constabulary was also discussed as an option to gain some practical Policing, life and work experience prior to submitting any application.  DYW Moray are to meet with Sergeant Farquhar again in the near future to further discuss promoting the Special Constabulary as an option for young people to volunteer to gain practical work experience while giving back to their community.  


The Special Constabulary is a unique body of people who voluntarily give up their personal time to contribute positively to the wellbeing and safety of their communities. Working alongside their regular colleagues, Special Constables undertake a diverse range of Police duties and they frequently face many of the challenges and attain many of the achievements of their full-time colleagues. This voluntary commitment demonstrates a remarkable personal contribution by each member of the Special Constabulary which is gratefully received and recognised.


Sergeant Farquhar advised that the experience gained as a Special Constable will undoubtedly benefit individuals during the application or interview stage for any job.  As well as improving their confidence in a work place environment, the experience will provide them with real life examples where they have displayed and developed key strengths including team working, effective communication, personal awareness, a respect for diversity, decision making and problem solving, often in difficult circumstances.
Feedback from those pupils who attended were extremely positive.  Some of the feedback examples include: 


"There was time left to ask why we wanted to join the Police Force and then it was challenged to make you think."


"I now know what is expected/desired from the Police Force and what improvements I need to make."


"It was better than I expected - I did not expect to be given as much information as I did."


Pupils were asked to rate how satisfied they were with the event out of 10 and over 65% of the pupils who attended, rated it a 10, thus demonstrating its value. It was great to hear that the pupils gained a lot from the evening.  


DYW Moray would like to thank Sergeant Farquhar for his time and effort that was put in to hosting these events for the pupils/students in Moray.  Conducting similar events in future would certainly be of interest to encourage and better prepare our young people in Moray who are interested in a career in Police Force, which is what DYW Moray's main objective is - to better prepare our young people for the world of work. 



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