Hats off to Career Minded Pupils

February 22, 2017

Findochty Primary School and Nursery recently had another jam packed and interesting week with a variety of visitors for their World of Work Week. Pupils learned more about the different kinds of jobs that people do, the skills and the qualities they need and it opened their eyes as to what the world of work had to offer. Making the link between the classroom and workplace can help young people to see the relevance of their learning and understand the importance of the skills that they are learning to their jobs of the future. The aim of their World of Work Week was to provide pupils the opportunities to build knowledge and understanding of the workplace and what employers may expect of them, to instil in pupils the belief that they can be anything they want to be if they are prepared to put in the effort and work hard.

Dawn Thomson, the Findochty Head Teacher said,


The world is changing fast. Today’s young person may have 10-14 jobs by the time they are 38. We need to prepare learners for jobs that don’t exist, using technology that hasn’t been invented to solve problems we can’t yet imagine. We aim to equip young people with knowledge, confidence and skills, giving them a competitive edge in a global job market. I believe that this needs to begin at a very early age. Our aim was to encourage and support our pupils to gather further knowledge and develop an understanding of the world of work, about the different job sectors, enterprise and businesses that are out there.  We wanted to stimulate pupils to use their curiosity and creativity to gain knowledge and develop a variety of skills and in the process realise how those skills, both personal and practical,  are used in the workplace.


Their visitors helped to extend our business and community links further afield, they included John Calder of Keith Community Radio who talked about the importance of Communication and how it has changed through the ages, Steven Wright of Celeld Rocks who spoke about geology and the importance of science. Dr Zoe Ejebu of Aberdeen University who talked about her job as a Health Researcher and helped the pupils make links with and develop a deeper understanding of data and information handling. Flt LT Fiona Innes who came along and shared her skills, knowledge and experience of life in the RAF and Jamie McPherson who came in to talk about his learning journey and life in the offshore industry.


The whole school community was ‘buzzing’ with excitement, aspirations and ambitions were raised and the world of work became a very interesting and exciting environment for them.





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