Photography Project

This project was aimed at developing insights and awareness of job opportunities in Moray to young people.  They were all guided by professional photographer Gary Murison through five training sessions and undertook workplace visits allowing them to focus on the different careers available in the region.  

The Ambulance Service - The Right Medicine for your Career?

Sandy Young Human Resources @ Baxters

“One of the best parts of the job is having the skills to save lives.  Again, this may not be because of some major incident, but possibly someone who has gone into a diabetic coma or a drug over dose and due to their training, we can administer the correct drug to help them recover quickly.”

Since moving into his new job at Baxter’s, Sandy has developed his platform which has allowed him to do other aspects of different jobs...“It’s got a real family atmosphere and I think that’s driven from that four-generation idea.”

The Royal Hotel Interview from the Inside

Avril would recommend working in The Royal Hotel, but you must be flexible, be able to work under pressure and make sure everything is perfect and the same for every customer. The hotel is family run but does employ other people such as school kids - there is 15 members of staff.

Employees @ Northport Studio

Tom said that a company like Northport was extremely uncommon in this part of the world, and that they competed with companies in big cities like Glasgow, Edinburgh and London. Not only have they managed to survive, but they managed to grow. His highest achievement is the continued growth and stability of the business.

Alison Rose - Scottish Dolphin Centre Manager

She said her job is now mainly indoor and office based.  I asked what she enjoyed the most about her job and she responded by saying said she enjoyed “working with a really nice team here” and how “everyone cares” about their work.

Strathisla Café

Sally and Kaysha both believe that the food industry plays an important part in Moray because everyone has such busy lifestyles, it’s good for meeting people and most people eat out nowadays.

Linzi Lou Photography

I have always been interested in photography. I went online and did some courses in photography and it sort of took off from there. I really enjoyed it and it was something I could do which would fit around the kids.”

Peter Mutch - Employability Youth Worker @ EYC

The café is run by young people which is full of activities for young people from primary school leaving age to high school leaving age. So they can enjoy and get away from the stress of exams and a way to socialise with other people of similar ages. 

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